I hate IT, but love beer :)

I have spent the last 5 hours trying to recover my Aunt’s photographs from her laptop as they had been deleted from her laptop & then the recycle bin had been emptied!!!!

But guess who’s managed to retrieve about 2500 photo’s – Yep me 🙂

Now to get back to having a chilled night with Mrs C her best mate (Dix) & a couple of beers.

Yesterdays blog was missed due to me being out with the old boys. Phil B had arranged for us all to meet up between 18:00 & 18:30 but i was out of the door by 17:30 leading a charge for Port Street Beer House. Mike D was 2nd to arrive at about 18:00 then it was Hamlin followed by Andrew & Pete. Phil was last but not unexpected. We had a really good catch-up between us & I’m really pleased that we have all managed to keep in touch & still really get on with each other. The beer as usual in Port Street Beer House was a fine selection I was drinking  Continuum by http://www.hardknott.com/our-beers/ & take it from me it was a very nice pint indeed.

Caught the train home & Mrs C picked me up from the station. Sat & watch American Pie with a big glass of whiskey as Mrs C had never watched it before. Still chuckling today.

We had the boys up early today as we were off to see Drew & Fran’s new place until Drew told us not to call as Fran poorly & he’d catch us up at Nan’s. Sam (& bump) came too & we all had a pleasant hour or 2 all together. It’s not often that I get all 4 kids in the same place but enjoy it when they do 🙂

After fixing dad’s laptop we were on our toes home as Dix was coming to cut our hair then returning later for a night of chat, laughter & BGT.

We also had a flying visit from Helen who brought Matt up to catch up with Lewis.

Now sat with a selection of beers while Mrs C & Dix catch up with BGT on Sky+

night all

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