I have started to trace my family history/genealogy & have tried to connect my family roots back to where the family name of CLEARY came from.

The name CLEARY is of course on my father’s side of the family. There are also the names of Knowles, Ratcliffe & Hallam on my father’s side. On my mother’s side of the family Helliwell is the main family name. Other names on the maternal side include Whittle, Podesta & Zonfrillo.

My father’s side of the family seem to have originated from Ireland where as my mother’s side of the family seem to have originated from Italy. All before both sets of family put their roots down in the North West of England.

Access to the information I have already gathered on my genealogy is stored on-line at the Ancestry web pages, please feel free to visit this information, you never know we could be related!

Here is a link to my family tree (genealogy) & what I have managed to find out so far. CLICK ME

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