From CAD Manager to Paper Boy!

Oh how the mighty fall!

I’ve gone from the UK CAD Manager of a Built Asset Consultancy to a humble paper boy in the fair swoop of 90 minutes!

I got home from work this evening with a plan to sit in the garden with a nice cold bottle of wine and a book to have it all snatched away in an instant.

The middle son’s papers had been dropped off ready for him to deliver but guess what due to his trip to A & E the other day he’s unable to do them & guess who is his substitute in waiting MEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙁

So straight after my evening meal I was up cart packed with papers  & leaflets & on my way. 90 minutes later the cart was empty & I was back at home just in time for a good cuppa but no beer!

How come though it takes him 2-3 hours to do the same paper round that it took me 90 minutes?

Because I’m super Dad.

Will I get his wages though or should I let him have them? I maybe able to buy a couple of pints with the money in The Bulls Head tomorrow lunch 🙂

However now that the paper round is out of the way I can have the weekend to myself.

Lets hope the weather stays like it is as it was 31 degrees on the dashboard tonight on my way home from Manchester.

Have a good weekend folks

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