Friends re-united after 45 years

Well by the power of social media I have today been re-united with the young lady I grew up next door too at my parents first home on Old Heyes Road, Timperley.

It was by chance that we had both  commented on a post on Facebook where two other friends from opposite ends of my life were chatting to each other!

Kate B asked if Mark G knew 2 lads she grew up living next door too, these two lads were my brother Rob & I. I responded & hey presto we were re-united after 45 years!

Not only was it by chance that social media re-united us but strange too as both of us now live miles away from where we grew up. Kate B is living in Sweden while I’m living in Wigan.

Along with being re-united on social media I’ve also set up this week a new group on Facebook called Memories of Timperely ( .

Timperley is a suburban village within the Altrincham area, of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, England and is where i grew up as a kid with my family. (

The group is there for all residents past and present to share their stories, photographs and recollections of life in the small Principality of Timperley. All are welcome and hopefully others out there can get re-united too.

If your reading my blog & know anyone who has roots in Timperley by all means direct them over to the group on Facebook.

Mrs C & I have also taken a step towards booking our summer holiday this year. We’ve always wanted to go to Tuscany in Italy and have now decided to go. We’d previously enjoyed our previous visits to Italy with the last one being 7 years ago when we stayed on the shore of Lake Garda. We’d chatted with our friends Warren & Dawn about going on holiday previously but we’d never actually managed to get anything organised but this time it looks like its on the cards for August 2015.

More details on this trip to follow here as i update them, so check back soon to find out more. (Park Albatros, Tuscany)

2 thoughts on “Friends re-united after 45 years

  1. Jan Cwiklinski

    Hi, bit of a long shot, but did anyone know a girl named Pamela who lived with her mum at 4a Old Heyes road?
    She was there up to about 1978


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