Eclipse 2015

It’s been an uneventful week this week in the Clary household.

We’ve all either been in work or school all week, Lewis has been on nights but strangely enough he’s not woken us up when he’s come in early doors which has been very thoughtful of him.

Friday was the first solar eclipse since 1999 & to say i was disappointed was an understatement. A couple of us wandered down to street level from our 10th floor office location as the sun was in the wrong position for us to see the eclipse. However a typical Manchester day meant there was some cloud cover that was doing it’s best to stop us seeing the eclipse. But that didn’t deter us.

Several time the sun & moon eclipse combination poked themselves out from the blanket of cloud to show themselves. The sun was as predicted very intense and you had to be careful when gazing at the eclipse. We’d also be warned that using your camera to take pictures of the eclipse could potentially damage your camera but I took the risk. Both my eyes and camera survived the spectacle put on by mother nature. Even though we had a 90% eclipse in the NW of the UK i was disappointed that the light did not fade too dramatically. What was notable though was the change in temperature as everywhere went very chilly.

Saturday was spent with my two nephews which gave my brother and his wife some valuable time together in a difficult time for themselves.

Sunday was spent sat watching football on TV as Liverpool played Manchester United in the lunch time kick off.

United started brightly a pressed Liverpool in the first half and went in at half time 0-1 up thanks to Juan Mata. Then in the second half the fireworks started with Gerrard brought on at the start of the half only to last a matter of 40 seconds before receiving a straight red for a stamp on Ander Herrera. The game ended with a 1-2 win to United who eclipse Liverpool again for the second time this season.

Have a nice week folks

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