Day Seven – Tuscany 2015

First up again today which doesn’t surprise me, so off to the pool and bakery I went.

I’m getting quite good at this placing the towels on the sun loungers before the Europeans get the best spots!

The bakery was mayhem again no orderly queue, I wonder what they’d do without the ticket machine telling them who was next in line? I avoided the croissants that are plain as the comments I got from Michele and Joshua was they weren’t sweet enough. So this time I went for the flavoured ones which happened to be filled with a custard filling. I do agree they were better but not up to the same level of expectations as the French version. I also acquired 2 sandwich loaves for lunch one white and one brown. This meant I was also able to have toast with my boiled egg. Michele was ready with the coffee when I got back which was welcomed.

I was ready before the other two for the pool so off I set and was on my sun lounger by 10:00hrs sharp. Michele joined me about 45 mins later and Josh didn’t appear until about noon. I think he’s morphing into Lewis with the amount of sleep he’s doing!

For the first time in a week we had a conversion in English with someone else as we got chatting with a couple (Sarah and Richard – Dawn you don’t need to worry we’ve not found Donald and Jacqueline yet!) from Gloucester and their 4 daughters (20, 18, 15 & 13). They’d just arrived from the Venetian coast on the Adriatic not to o far from Ca Savio where we had stayed twice before. They’d had a week in a tent. They had no car and has traveled by water ferry from Punta Saboni to Venice, then water bus up the Grande Canal to the train station in Venice and caught the train to Pisa before changing train to a local station a couple of km away. They seemed a nice couple he was quite but having 5 women in the house he may struggle to get a word in!

The weather has been warm but a little cloudy today, I hope that’s not a sign of things to come with Warren and Dawn arriving tomorrow? But it didn’t stop us chilling by the pool all day. By the time we left the pool for tea at 18:00hrs I’d been there for a total of 8 hours. Michele says I’m now barred from the pool and also sitting in the sun as I’m far too tanned for her liking. I must say though that Michele is starting to change color too but not at the same rate as me. That must be the Italian in me that’s starting to come out ?

Showered, fed and now drinking a cool Birra Moretti as I write my blog and watching the kids race around the caravans on their bikes.

It’s not surprising that we have dominated Le Tour De France over the past couple of years as the kids here don’t have pedals on their bikes but use their feet to scoot along, I’m sure Sir Dave Brailsford has nothing to worry about with the next generation beating Team Sky and Team GB.

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