Day Fourteen -Tuscany 2015

It’s our Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary today and after yesterday’s long hot day walking the streets of Florence we elected to have a lazy day by the pool. I met Warren as usual at 08:55 so we could mark out our territory with the towels. Then back for breakfast with the girl of my dreams.

We had the usual sun loungers by the pool, Warren and Adam played water polo until one of their games got a little physical between a Polish bloke and an Italian lad, the ref stepped in and voided the game. It was more handbags by the pool than an international incident but it made me chuckle anyway.

More sunshine by the pool, then back to the caravan for lunch. Today we’ve been feasting on what was left in the fridge and larder so as not to waste too much food before we make a break from Italy back to the UK.

Back to the pool after lunch with a ham sandwich for Michele, forever the dutiful husband I am.

More sunshine and cooling off in the pool was scheduled for the afternoon session.

Then after our mid afternoon Ice cream we all (except for Michele walked to the beach), disappointed that there were no waves Josh and I headed back to the pool leaving the Bray’s to chill at the beach on their own.

We all came back together for our evening meal, Michele was suffering with what we think may have been sun stroke, while Adam and I both had dickey stomachs. This caused the last night together to be cut short.

I’ve just popped up to the Bray tent as Michele still had some of Dawn’s after sun which I left on their table as I presume they were all in the showers.

Now back to the caravan as we’ve a 06:00 alarm so we can leave at 07:00 for Pisa airport.Great holiday, great weather and even better company – thanks all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks in Tuscany and will certainly be coming back to the region.

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