Day four – Tuscany 2015 – Lazy day

Lazy day today as we’ve been at the pool all day today.

Must remember though we are holidaying surrounded by Germans and Dutch as by the time we got to the pool area 99% of the sunbeds had be acquired by either people or people dressed as beach towels! It was like watching a game at the empty sad arena where by a lot of the city fans turn up dressed as empty blue seats.

There are several pools on site with a vast array of sun loungers dotted around the perimeter. The pools are busier than the beach which I presume is because of the 10 minute walk from camp to the beach.

My personal preference is the beach as you can’t beat a swim in the sea. The rolling waves crashing into you with the power to knock you off your feet are fun, both Josh, Michele and I all got knocked over on day two! Although my dad is not a strong swimmer he’d love the sea here, albeit that it’s not the same type of beach as at Ca’ Savio on the Venetian coast and the Adriatic where the beaches are white sand with a gentle slope into the sea. The sand here is more coarse in texture, dirty too in colour and slopes quickly into the sea. The sand here feels hotter than anywhere else I’ve ever been and is quite painful to stand on at times. Ca Savio was the last place I saw dad swim and that was some 8-9 years ago I think. Oh how times fly by, but you’d have to go back to me being about 8 years old to remember when mum last went in the sea and I’m not too sure she did then either!

Now back to the pools here at Park Albatross.

Each pool has a raised mound in the middle which is full of kids climbing up and sliding down. How there is no accidents in surprised! But the kids seem to enjoy it.

Around the pools there are a couple of bars and eating zones but we make do with bread, cheese and meats back at the caravan as well as the obligatory salad and olives for me, both Michele and Josh are both salad dodgers!!

Park Albatross is definitely the biggest campsite we’ve been on in Europe, even bigger than the one at Lake Garda, and I thought that one was big enough! Again there are not many English on site there are plenty of Dutch, Germans and Italians though. If the Italians are here then it’s a good site to be at. Even though it’s a big and busy campsite and the caravans being closer together than we’d previously experienced you don’t get the impression that you are on top of people. Around the pitches you get the odd child playing between the cars and caravans but they aren’t noisy or a problem. If you want entertainment in the evening there are the two main bar areas with plenty of showtime for everyone or you can just chill by your caravan and relax totally up to you.

The weather so far had been hot and sunny, except for the light showed we experienced on the evening of day two whilst I was coming on the BBQ but it didn’t put us off.

You may have noticed that my first three blog posts were a little hit and miss that’s because you only get 50Mb free outer day of internet access at the bar area and by the time my tablet has downloaded ask the emails and Facebook notifications of lost connection. I also tried to email my first two blog posts into my webpage but they seem to have failed miserably so I’ve had to resort to the old fashion way and type them up manually to the android WordPress app. I’ve also noted that there are spelling and grammar errors and missing photo’s which I’ll cure when I get home.

So at the end of another glorious day that’s all for now folks

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