Day Fifteen – Tuscany 2015

Another early start to our stay in Tuscany, but this was our last day.

The alarm went off at 06:00 so we could hit the road for 07:00. Off we crept out of the caravan in an attempt not to wake anyone else around us. Then with the bags all packed in the car we were off out of Park Albatross & heading off to the autoroute and heading North towards Pisa Airport.

I’d already filled the car up the day before so all I had to do was top it up closer to the airport for the fuel we’d used getting there. Oh no another automated petrol station that doesn’t give change if paying by cash. No problems though as all we used was about 10 euros. The car was then ready to be dropped off at Hertz. It was the first time we’d used Hertz and I can definitely recommend them.

Inside the terminal there was just enough time to grab some breakfast and allow Michele to hit the duty free shop again – more perfume!

This time Ryanair managed to push-back on time and we were on our way back to Liverpool. Touching down in Liverpool the weather was the opposite to what we’d left in Pisa. We’d only been back in the UK for 15 minutes and we’d seen more rain than we had in the past two weeks in Tuscany.

Michele & Josh had both remembered where we had parked until we couldn’t find the car! Josh even took a photo of the line we’d parked on (9 – Red) but guess what his phone was dead! After a couple of minutes walking up the parking aisles Josh finally found the car.

Back home and the fun was just beginning as Michele couldn’t get into the house as Lewis had left his key on the inside of the front door & then fallen asleep. Further into the house & there was more trouble for Lewis as the kitchen could have been kept tidier. There was washing still damp in the washer, counter-tops not cleared or wiped down & a whole host of camping gear left in the spare bedroom. And all he did was spend the day in bed as he’s been at Creamfields as festival in Warrington.

But all in all we’d had a fantastic holiday in Tuscany with the Bray’s and would have no hesitation doing it again.

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