Chicago – Day Ten

Been out shopping all day today at an out of town shopping mall the other side of Naperville on route 88.

Mrs C and the boys have had an absolute field day. Lewis was amazed with the Levi’s shop. He paid £80 at home and for the same pair here they cost him $40 (£24)!

Joshua was impressed with the Ralph Lauren shop he too had fun spending the money he’d been saving up.

Elle, I’m not so sure she enjoyed it as much as my boys did but she smiled away and carried on.????

We had a great lunch out before heading home, Mrs C called at UPS to mail her package of chocolate to California for Terry and Rick while I reflected on the damage to our savings ????

Lewis spent the evening chilling with Chris and his mates while Josh, Elle and I played volleyball, no room at the court so we played in the street.

Tomorrow Mrs C, Josh, Elle and I are off to a quaint town called Galena about 2 hours drive away an update of our expedition will be posted tomorrow night

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