Chicago – Day Sixteen

Late Sunday start today and that can’t be blamed on Simon Rimmer or Tim Lovejoy from Sunday Brunch.

Elle was still at her dad’s and Chris was out at a car track day with his mates so that just left Mrs C, Julie, Lewis, Josh and myself for brunch and as Julie says it’s cheaper to eat out than in. So off we headed towards Wheaton and to the Butterfield Diner.

We had a ten minute wait for a table as the place was full. Worth the wait though as the food was excellent. Not quite up to a full English breakfast standard but scrambled eggs and bacon with hash browns. Plenty of coffee refills too 🙂

The cost was reasonable too at $50 (£30) for the five of us and that included the tip!

Following this we had a quick mooch around the shops as mum had given us a request via Julie’s mum (Aunty Jilla) for us to take her some sandals back. Like Mrs C and Julie need an excuse to go shopping!

By the time we got back it was mid afternoon so I helped Julie move one of the TV cable boxes from the basement to her bedroom, then looked at her laptop and printer. TV fixed, laptop updated, printer failed as no install disc or manual – Chris will need to fix this for his mum.

Lewis made the mistake of annoying Julie by turning the running machine on fast whilst Josh was jogging on it after he’d be told by me not to mess, so Julie told him off, you go girl ????

Later in the afternoon Mrs C and Josh went house hunting across the road from Julie’s as there was an open house. Josh came back trying to get me to buy, by telling me it had it’s own cinema and bar in the basement. Sorry son it’s way out of my price range 😕

See what you all think (Lillian Lane, house for sale)

We’ve sat in and eaten in tonight and had a good old chin wag about everything and anything.

Julie is back in work tomorrow and we four including Elle are off into Chicago for our last full day here ????

I’ve not taken any photos at all today, good job really as I’ve taken 2000+ over the past couple of weeks and a bit, so below are a couple of my favourites



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