Chicago – Day Eighteen (almost home)

Well we are almost home or would be even closer if we hadn’t been delayed on the tarmac at Chicago for 50 minutes queuing to get airborne! So we are now stuck at Dublin airport as we didn’t make our connection to Manchester which was at 06:30! We were actually on the ground with 30 minutes to spare but they wouldn’t let us board!

However we’ve been added to the 10:05 and given vouchers for breakfast. Lewis can now fill his boots with Free FOOD.

So well have to sit and wait!

We said our goodbye’s to Julie last night (Monday) as she was in work on Tuesday and was gone before we woke. Also said goodbye to Chris as he’s like Lewis and is nocturnal!!

Elle was up and Mrs C managed to get a hug off her which was a surprise as she’s not a ‘huggy’ girl.

Big thank you to Julie, Chris and Elle for putting up with us for the two and a half weeks – missing you guys already x

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