Chicago – Craft Beer Week

Guide to beer tasting events in Chicago, from Craft Beer Week to tasting festivals. Plan your trip to Chicago with our beer & brews calendar.

After spending 18 days in Chicago last August (2014) I think its time we saved up again for the 10 hour flight across the Atlantic to re-visit.

The city is a magical place to visit with plenty to do for young & old alike. Not once was I  or the family bored or at a loss of what to do. Even in the suburbs as far afield as Napperville we were kept busy.

But maybe next-time I visit I’ll leave the car at home & try out some of the micro-brewery beers that seem to be becoming popular everywhere. And of course don’t forget the plethora of eating establishments throughout Chicago which cater for every taste you can imagine.

Take a look at these Chicago travel guides we can personally recommend a visit to what must be my favourite city?

Julie get the beds ready we are saving up to come & visit again? x

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