Chicago 2018 – Day Seventeen

Super chilled out Sunday for us today, still able to wear my shorts but sometimes you also need a jumper/lightweight fleece.

Last DIY job for me too which was the fixing of the grille to the air-con in the lower floor for Julie. It seems the one already in place was too big & was unable to be adjusted. But super me the non DIY’er fixed it 🙂

Julie, Mrs C & I went out for brunch to downtown lisle (actually a village) I think we only went where we did was because Mrs C wanted another crepe!

In the afternoon we went up to the barn to see Elle & Shiloh. Neither were there as they were out riding so we waited a while & were met by the guard dog :O What a nice dog he was, called buddy, Certainly no guard dog in my view. Just as we were leaving Elle returned so we stood chatting with her & watching Shiloh.

Back in time for dinner at Julie’s Tilapia for the girls & salmon for Chris & myself. Now sat watching Julie’s favourite Sunday evening programmes on TV, The Durrell’s of Corsica & Poldark. Not our cup of tea but it was OK to watch & Julie was happy. The girls finished the link tin off while I finished the beer.

Both the Cubs & Bears won today too so probably a good few days for the Chicagoans in Chicagoland.

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  1. Well Gary, we have enjoyed reading all your blogs everyday , and very interesting too , bye for now, xx .

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