Chicago 2018 – Day Nineteen

…………..did we make the connection flight from Dublin to Manchester?

Yes we did after leaving O’Hare airport in Chicago 55 minutes late we managed to touchdown in Dublin on-time due to strong tailwinds, that was the quickest I’ve gone across the Atlantic with us being in the air for 6 hrs & 10 minutes. We did have 20 minutes of taxiing at O’Hare & 9 minutes at Dublin to add to the journey though so just shy of a total of 6 hrs & 40 minutes gate to gate.

A short transfer & wait in Dublin before we were on our second flight of the day. Once we were all boarder we pushed back from the gate then stopped! The pilot explained that the wait was due to Dublin being busy at that time of day & we were in a queue of 8 planes all wanting to leave Dublin. So get again we were late but this time only 25 minutes & again we made time up crossing the Irish Sea & landed in Manchester on time. Even the bags were on the carousel as we got in to the baggage hall & we were on our way out of the airport to be collected by Terry from Conrad’s Executive Travel & Private Hire. We’d used Conrad’s previously & were impressed with their service & cost.

Now home & I’m not being yelled at by Mrs C for the state of the house! Previous stints of leaving the boys at home has resulted in me being yelled at for the state that the boys have left the house in, but this time the boys had saved my ears & had actually spent some time keeping the house tidy 🙂

The afternoon we spent the time trying to stay awake, not that easy as we both nodded off set times for short spells.

Mrs C sat watching TV in bed in the evening while I watched Manchester United in the Champions League group stage against Valencia – big mistake as it was another lack luster game with a 0-0 draw.

Now off to sleep ready for the alarm in the morning at 05.20 & back to work.

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