Chicago 2016 – Day six (lazy day)

Today has been the laziest day of the trip so far

I had a Skype call with my mum this morning, before we headed out for breakfast or was that brunch? We went to Butterfield’s again but this time all I wanted was a simple BLT! But not in the USA don’t get me wrong, the food here is great but every late is oversized, there are no half measures. The BLT was like half a loaf with crusts included. Then there was the side of fries too. Nothing is in half measures.

A walk around the shopping mail emptied my pocket rather than the belly I’ve grown over here!

I let Michele drive the car this afternoon on the car park, I’m not a good instructor, no patience, albeit Michele is a good driver, I’m a poor passenger!

We called at Julie and Joe’s late afternoon and caught up with Aunty Jilla, the rest of the house was asleep!

I had errands to do, pick suits up, pick Rachel and Nick up from lisle station and finally get the sandwiches from subway.

I dropped the car off at the hotel and asked for a lift back to Julie and Joe’s only to be told by the Hilton bellhop they won’t drop off at private hoiuses only businesses! Joibsworth

Avoid evening with the family at Julie’s

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