Chicago 2016 – Day Five (Chicago)

well today was all about the payback for being a good boy & helping Michele during her turbulent shopping sprees. Yes i was allowed to go into CHICAGO 🙂

No breakfast before we left at just after 10:00 for the train from Lisle to Union Station, Chicago. A simple & comfortable ride for the 50 minute trip to the city. The weather was warm but overcast as we left Lisle train station & the same when we arrived in Union Station, Chicago.

The clouds however were down at almost street level which spoilt the views of the city i cherished so much. This was not a good day for heightseeing. That’s my new word for the combination of sightseeing mixed with skyscraper seeing. HEIGHTSEEING.

We got to street level & headed off for brunch & found a busy little deli cslled Cosi,

Now refueled  we headed over to Millenium Park and actually managed to find the ‘bean’ in the low lying cloud, but unlike last time the we were here the backdrop was not as spectacular as all the skyscrapers were shrouded in mist 🙁

From Millenium Park we wandered over to Michigan Avenue & you all know what that means….. Yes MORE SHOPPING :O We hit the Nike store, then the shopping mall at Water Tower Place ( yes all seven floors) including Macy’s.

By this time it was mid-afternoon as we headed back up the Magnificent Mile. We stopped and asked a Hotel concierge where they recommended we stop for a traditional Chicago pub & were directed towards Timothy O’Tooles Pub were i had 3 pints of Chicago’s finest IPA beers & Michele had a handful of cocktails. We sat talking to a nice guy who worked for ‘Lend Lease’  as well as the barman who liked music from the Manchester Scene & knew all about The Stone Roses, Oasis, Happy Mondays & the Hacienda!

Now time for our evening meal, Michele had been told that the best pizza in Chicago came from Giordano’s so that is where we headed off to. Six (yes 6) slices of deep dish pizza for two of us, BIG, BIG mistake – I ate one (yes 1) while Michele had two. The other three were boxed up for us to take home.

No back to Union Station & the 50 minute ride to Lisle where we’d been told there would be plenty of taxis waiting – Yeah Right, thanks Hilton Lisle there wasn’t. Eventually after calling the hotel to book a cab for us one finally appeared, no thanks to Hilton who didn’t answer out calls 🙁

Now sat in the hotel bar listening to a bunch of self opinionated Americans talking the obligatory BULLSHIT.


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