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Mexico day four

Last night’s meal in the Brazilian restaurant was the best mark so far. It was a joy to eat take device as opposed to buffet style food. Don’t get me sing the buffet for was good but take device is far better. We made our way to the restaurant by the golf buggy service that is on offer – good thing really as we’d have got lost looking for the restaurant! I had an extra rush compared to Michele as I had the catch of the day which was tilapia – very tasty. Then followed by 7 different meats.

Back to the beach today but after a slight detour to the members upgrade area, we’ve now gone from pink bands to black ones. This means an upgrade experience in all areas of the hotel but the important one is no more buffet food just A La Carte all the way.

We are definitely beach people, more space, no music, less Canadians/Americans (sorry Joe, they are too noisy when they have a beer in them), no insulated cups (Canadians again) and no kids!

Both Michele and I (Inc the rest of the Europeans) are probably the smallest people here, the Americans and Canadians are mainly all big people who like their food and should try do something about their size!

Still reading my book and enjoying the peace and quiet away from work.

As we’ve upgraded we are at the Thai restaurant tonight thanks to our concierge (Rubi) getting us a late reservation. Even better than the Brazilian last night. The flavour of the for was fantastic. Tomorrow we are in the French restaurant which is supposed to be the best in the complex and I have to wear long trousers for that one!

No just chillin in our room

Mexico day three – pool day

Another restful night’s sleep, we were woken by the sun peeping through the curtains to what looked like another beautiful day.

Following breakfast we decided to try the pool out. Busier than the beach and more kids making noise!! However we settled down in the sun to work on our tan. Michele listening to her music while I read. Still reading Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October.

Today’s poison was mojito for me while Michele had Pina colada’s.

We are eating at the Brazilian a la carte at 21:00 tonight, a little bit too late for Michele who likes to eat earlier so we decided to have lunch today, potatoes and chicken washed down with a beer.

This afternoon the clouds appeared but it didn’t affect the temperature too much.

I managed a Skype call with my nephew Max who was 10 today – Happy Birthday Max

When I got back to Michele we meet some real Mexican bandits – the Coati’s were hunting for food by the pool in what they are grouped as are a band of Coati’s. There was about 15 of then young and old wandering between the sun beds looking for food and not to bother by us humans.

We’ve decided though we are beach people not pool people!

Now ready to eat so I’ll say adiós until tomorrow

Mexico day two – how hard can it be to sit in the sun, read a book and drink alcohol?

The answer being very difficult as I’m now shattered!

We both woke early after a good night’s sleep.

We met our block concierge and booked the restaurants for this week, then headed off for some breakfast, freshly made omelet for the pair of us. Then off to the TUI welcome meeting.

Following this it was a full day sat on the beach under the perfect blue skies of Mexico, Michele even got in the sea, not as warm as the sea in Jamaica though even as it’s the same sea/ocean! The drinks lady was very attentive with a steady supply of beers and cocktails.

Mexican food for tea, and I had my first taste of what I think we tripe, now probably the last too. Plenty of dishes containing beans.

Now tucked up in bed planning tomorrow, beach or pool?