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Mexico day eight – mid point of our holiday

Well we’ve officially been here now a full week and now start eating away at our last week

It seems ages ago since we boarded our flight at Manchester to head for the sunny skies of Mexico, I just hope the last week so to slowly too!

We had a late start this morning only getting breakfast at 09:00!!

This morning I was on the beach hunting for the turtles and Stingray that had been reported as being seen. I walked the beach hunting the rock pools and rock inlets, I even got as far as where I saw the pelicans sunbathing last week but no joy. I then took to the water again no joy but I did swim with a shoal of fish that were about 300mm/12″ in size as well as some smaller ones that we about 100mm in size. They didn’t feel threatened and just swam around me!

It was the beach BBQ for lunch again before spending the afternoon sun reading and taking to a nice man who originated from Russia but now lives in New Jersey.

Very hot today about 29 degrees (sorry folks back in the UK I know you’re getting a cold snap) I’ve caught the sun on my back and tummy a little bit too much. Need to be careful tomorrow.

Off to the Italian tonight which we are both looking forward to.

Mexico day seven – Spa day

I’ll start this blog off by saying we were both a little disappointed with the Mexican restaurant last night, not quite what we expected. The chilli con carne was a starter only and not a spicy dish at all 🙁 but we did finish the meal off with 3 shots of flavoured tequila and did I sleep well? You sure bet 🙂

Breakfast in the buffet hall again, but now Michele had found the poached eggs! Joshua would like the free flowing ‘Lucky Charms’ though!

We settled in on the sun beds in an over cast day, we even managed 90 seconds of rain!

No problems with the rain as we were off to the spa for our hydrotherapy session. I had wanted a full message but a friend has suggested I didn’t as I was still recovering from a fractured shoulder. But the hydrotherapy session was a very good second. I tried to get in the ice bath but only got to the top of my thigh before my brain said no chance!!

BBQ for lunch

We finished the afternoon off on the Balinese beds, then a coffee while we skyped Warren and Dawn.

This evening we were at the Japanese restaurant for a special/theatrical chef presentation. Last time we had this was 5 years ago in Jamaica with Julie, David and Beverley.

Now tucked up in bed ready to start our second week tomorrow

Mexico day six – Super Sunday

Chelsea v United and City v Arsenal makes this a super Sunday

Breakfast followed by an hour of reading my book by the quiet pool to start the day off.

Then off to the sports bar on site to catch the last 30 mins of City v Arsenal which was followed by Chelsea v United. The bar was not too busy and I was sat with a nice Welshman called John from Cardiff. We spent the time discussing football, family and the holiday resort we are both in as well as drinking a couple of beers to boot.

Chelsea were the better team and beat United 1-0. United were set up defensively with little attaching or creativity in midfield which left Lukaku exposed and little time on the ball.

John and I parted company and I headed off to find Michele by the pool, before I wandered off to the BBQ and some lunch.

The afternoon was a similar one to the preceding days sat in the sun with a steady delivery of Pina colada’s and moijto from our fantastic bar and waitress teams.

Michele managed to get hold of the boys (& Keenan) to see if they were having a good bonfire night? Yes was the reply.

Now sat watching the horrific news coming out of Texas with the church mass shooting, prayers go to them and all affected.

Mexican restaurant tonight, what will follow us into the block tonight as we were watching a racoon hunt for food last night and was checky enough to climb the stairs to the other floors while we used the lift!