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Mexico day seven – Spa day

I’ll start this blog off by saying we were both a little disappointed with the Mexican restaurant last night, not quite what we expected. The chilli con carne was a starter only and not a spicy dish at all 🙁 but we did finish the meal off with 3 shots of flavoured tequila and did I sleep well? You sure bet 🙂

Breakfast in the buffet hall again, but now Michele had found the poached eggs! Joshua would like the free flowing ‘Lucky Charms’ though!

We settled in on the sun beds in an over cast day, we even managed 90 seconds of rain!

No problems with the rain as we were off to the spa for our hydrotherapy session. I had wanted a full message but a friend has suggested I didn’t as I was still recovering from a fractured shoulder. But the hydrotherapy session was a very good second. I tried to get in the ice bath but only got to the top of my thigh before my brain said no chance!!

BBQ for lunch

We finished the afternoon off on the Balinese beds, then a coffee while we skyped Warren and Dawn.

This evening we were at the Japanese restaurant for a special/theatrical chef presentation. Last time we had this was 5 years ago in Jamaica with Julie, David and Beverley.

Now tucked up in bed ready to start our second week tomorrow


Well this week my daughter & her boyfriend have made me a Grandpa for the 1st time.

Harry was born on 4th september after nearly a 44hr labour.

We called over to see him for the 1st time on the Wednesday as Sam was too tired on the Tuesday & he made me a very proud Grandpa.

Sam was well enough to come home with Harry on after a couple of days. Once home Harry seems to have had plenty of visitors as the visiting in hospital was very strict.

We even managed a 2nd visit this weekend as we took 2 of Harry’s uncles over to meet him.

The photo shown of Harry is only 1 of a few that actually show him awake as at the moment he seems to be spending most of his time asleep with nothing much disturbing his sleep pattern. Very similar to his grandpa I’m led to believe 😉

My middle son has started college this week to undertake a course in professional Cookery so here’s to the future for Lewis.

Not seen too much of my youngest son this weekend as he’s been out with his mates.

I’ve also only managed a very brief telephone call with my biggest lad too as he’s been working all weekend.

Nearly time for the clock to roll over on another year for me with #50 only a matter of weeks away.

Already planned my 1st celebratory drink with a couple of us undertaking a reduced westpenine ale trail in a couple of weeks, been warned though by Mrs C though to behave as I may get my parents & daughter calling round later on that saturday as I’m actually away for my 50th with Mrs C in Jamaica.

No football this weekend as it’s been international time but the curtain has closed on the paralympic games & although we didn’t get to see any of them live in London the other week I have really enjoyed watching them on the TV.

So this week has been a big one in our household with me becoming a grandpa for the 1st time but I’m really thrilled that Sam & Matt have made that happen – thanks you two x

2 weeks away from work, but am I ready to go back?

Well we have been away from work for the past 2 weeks & it’s been absolutely fantastic.

Esthwaite Water, Cumbria

Week 1 we went to the Lake district with Joshua as Lewis was working & had a great day around Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead & Ambleside. The following day Mrs C, Lewis & I went to Cheshire Oaks retail park ( while Joshua went out with his mates. We also went into Wigan so Lewis could get his school GCSE results & enroll at college. On the last day of the week we went off to the National Coal Mining Museum ( in Wakefield again with Joshua as Lewis was working.

As much as I enjoyed the 1st week away from work it was a toss up between the Lakes & National Coal Mining Museum for the highlight. The Lakes are always a treat especially as the weather was so nice but being 141m underground at a coal face was a great experience. The trip to the coal face only cost £2 each & we were underground for 1.5 hours.

We then had a weekend at home for Mrs C’s birthday, 1st time we had been in the UK in 11 years to celebrate. Lewis & I were missing from the celebrations for the afternoon as we were at Old Trafford for the 1st home game of the season. Usually I miss the opening home game as we are away. However we were late for the game as I was busy helping a black cab driver how had crashed on Trafford Wharf Road which meant I missed RVP’s goal 🙁

After the game our friend H came round to celebrate Mrs C’s birthday with curry & beer.

Natural History Museum

Week 2 & Mrs C, Joshua & I went to London for 4 days where we had a great day in the Natural History Museum ( then an afternoon at Madame Tussaudes ( On the Thursday we met up with Mrs C’s friend H & her husband (different to H who came for tea on her birthday) for an afternoon of shopping on Oxford Street & then a couple of pints in the Glassblower on Glasshouse Street (

The Shard

The last day of our London trip was a walk through Westminster up to Trafalgar Square where we watched some of the London Paralympics on the big screen, then a walk on the South Bank up to Tower Bridge via the new iconic building The Shard ( Then it was back to the hotel to collect our bags before heading back to Euston Station for the 19:30 back to Wigan.

We’ve had a quiet weekend this weekend just catching up with the family as Drew came over on saturday & we went over to see Sam & Matt, my brother Rob & his family & finally my Mum & dad before heading home to watch United on Sky TV.


And to cap the weekend off Sam has been kept in hospital & is being induced as she’s a couple of days late. Keep your ears open & I’ll update you when she gives birth.

Not long though now until we have more time off work as we are off to Jamaica to celebrate my 50th.