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Game of Thrones -“The Dance of Dragons”

Game of Thrones – Season 5, Episode 9 ended with a flash of flame as Drogon one of the dragons flew in to save the day for Daenerys who’d been attending the games at the Meereen fighting pit.

Daenerys had just seen Ser Jorah Mormont defeat 5 other combatants in what looked like a scene from Gladiator, before he grabbed a spear and launched it in the direction of his queen. But as the plot thickened he’d hit and killed a wouldbe assassin in the form of one of the masked sons of Harpy! But he wasn’t alone and it wasn’t long before more carnage ensued with more masked sons of Harpy appearing in the crowd and lashing out killing all in their wake. But it was Daenerys who was their goal. They surrounded her and her closest advisors including some of the Unsullied soldiers before Drogon flew in breathing fire and ripping the threats to Daenerys to bits, and then flew off into the sky with Daenerys on her back.

As in keeping with previous season penultimate episodes this one had it all.

Stanis Baratheon’s camp came under attack and with all food destroyed Stanis dispatched Davis Seaworth back to Castle Black for additional supplies. This meant Stanis was free to sacrifice his daughter Shireen as requested by the Weird Melisandre!

Meanwhile back at Dornish land Jamie Lannister was having afternoon tea with Doran Martell and getting himself and Born out of a potential execution scene for a future episode by agreeing on a little bit of understanding and cooperation between the two families.

Arya was still stealing the docks selling clams and oysters before another name on her list appeared – Ser Meryen Trant. Arya left her target she was supposed to be watching the bookie and followed Ser Meryen Trant to a brothel where she was half recognised by Ser Meryen Trant before he sent off with what looked like an underage prostitute! Looks like the old Arya is back 😀

Jon Snow has returned back to Castle Black with the Wildlings in order to escape from the carnage the White Walkers dished out last week at Hard home. But not everyone seems happy to see them back and the gates were reluctantly opened. One to watch here maybe the young serf who wasn’t happy in an earlier episode as the Wildlings had killed his parents.

So what will the final episode have in store for them all next week in the end of season 5 Game of Thrones?

If you’ve not already read the books I’d certainly recommend them – Game of Thrones – A song of fire and ice

X Factor!

Rant of the week – how many times is X Factor going to be on this week?

Saturday & Sunday by the looks of things, so now at 20:20 on Sunday we are in the middle of an X Factor marathon 🙁

If football was on this many times I’d be in serious trouble

X Factor aside we’ve had a productive weekend which culminated in a trip to our local Costco for a freezer stock up & also to get some tea & coffee for Mrs C’s office.

My twitter account sent out a couple of strange tweets that seemed to lead people to a malware site, so I had to reset my password. If you opened one of these two tweets I apologise

Now back to the X Factor 🙁