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Test offline post

I’m sat in bed just wondering if I can update my blog offline and the sync it when I get a connection to the internet.

So as a test I’ve turned the WiFi off on my tablet and just started to write my notes up.

Now I’ll connect the WiFi and see what happens

I hate IT, but love beer :)

I have spent the last 5 hours trying to recover my Aunt’s photographs from her laptop as they had been deleted from her laptop & then the recycle bin had been emptied!!!!

But guess who’s managed to retrieve about 2500 photo’s – Yep me 🙂

Now to get back to having a chilled night with Mrs C her best mate (Dix) & a couple of beers.

Yesterdays blog was missed due to me being out with the old boys. Phil B had arranged for us all to meet up between 18:00 & 18:30 but i was out of the door by 17:30 leading a charge for Port Street Beer House. Mike D was 2nd to arrive at about 18:00 then it was Hamlin followed by Andrew & Pete. Phil was last but not unexpected. We had a really good catch-up between us & I’m really pleased that we have all managed to keep in touch & still really get on with each other. The beer as usual in Port Street Beer House was a fine selection I was drinking  Continuum by & take it from me it was a very nice pint indeed.

Caught the train home & Mrs C picked me up from the station. Sat & watch American Pie with a big glass of whiskey as Mrs C had never watched it before. Still chuckling today.

We had the boys up early today as we were off to see Drew & Fran’s new place until Drew told us not to call as Fran poorly & he’d catch us up at Nan’s. Sam (& bump) came too & we all had a pleasant hour or 2 all together. It’s not often that I get all 4 kids in the same place but enjoy it when they do 🙂

After fixing dad’s laptop we were on our toes home as Dix was coming to cut our hair then returning later for a night of chat, laughter & BGT.

We also had a flying visit from Helen who brought Matt up to catch up with Lewis.

Now sat with a selection of beers while Mrs C & Dix catch up with BGT on Sky+

night all

Dell & Google :-(

Dell & Google – Not happy with either 🙁

Google Adsense still not sorted.

Dell laptop still not finding the Ethernet adapter.

But apart from that I’m a lot happier today.

Got my postal vote in but had to hand deliver it to the polling station as I’d forgotten to post it !!!

Office has been quiet today.

Colleague in London has been selling 2 seats for the FA Cup final (Liverpool v Chelsea) for £1200 – TOUT

Mornington Road High School is having the Leavers ball tonight & looking at some of the lads Lewis was at junior school with they’ve all grow bigger than me apart from the smaller ones! Lewis’s is in July so not buying his suit until nearer the time as he’s still growing!

Looking forward to the long weekend. 🙂