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My family, this includes my wife, four children & immediate relatives.

Mexico – day thirteen – broken toe day

Up early and it had stopped raining but no sunshine as it was hiding in the clouds somewhere!

Breakfast in the buffet, then a coffee in the coffee shop and still no sun so we headed off towards the beach where the turtles nest. Michele hadn’t seen the nests before so off we went.

The surf was up and the waves on the beach had washed away the hatched and discarded turtle shells from the other day, but there was one left that Michele could see. The nests were still intact though.

We spent a while walking the beach and watching the waves crash into the rocks before heading off to our beach.

It was cloudy all day so Michele dozed while I swam in the sea. Later in the afternoon I stubbed my little toe on my left foot. Looking at the colour (purple) I think I’ve broken it 🙁

Tonight we’ve eaten at the Mediterranean restaurant, slow between courses but maybe the best meal we’ve had in two weeks. Michele had lamb and I had tuna.

Sat in the quiet bar talking to Gail from Toronto the heavens opened and the skies flashed with lightening

Now back in our room watching the New England Patriots destroy the Denver Broncos

Mexico – day twelve – beach-combing day

Woken by a thunderstorm at 06:00 and it was still raining furiously, more rain than I think I’ve ever heard! It gave me chance though to think of our war heroes as back in the UK it was 11:00 on the 11th November.

I must have dozed off again and woke at 08:15. I could get used to this life!

Breakfast in the main buffet before spending an hour in the coffee shop hiding from the rain and talking to Becky from the US.

The rain stopped but it was very overcast so we went beach-combing for a couple of hours. Plenty of shells and washed up coral but still no turtles, we did spot a white egret with yellow feet though! We even stopped off at the dolphins for a while.

Now the sun was making an appearance so off to the beach, but we’d only been on the beach for 15 minutes before the rain reappeared with a clap of thunder that shuck the ground as it was right overhead. So we had to spend the afternoon drinking mojito’s in the beach bar, not a bad way to spend the afternoon though.

Tonight we are eating Italian and I think the rain has gone 🙂

Mexico – day eleven – Rainy day

After the rain of yesterday it was a bright, sunny and warm start to the day

Breakfast earlier than usual before heading off to the beach, Michele went sunbathing while I went swimming looking for the elusive turtles again. Still no luck but again plenty of fish.

Back at the sunbeds Michele had struck up a conversation with another lady (Sharon) from the UK, her husband Paul was out snorkeling, he’d previously seen the turtles as well as a larger Stingray.

Karen was on hand to keep us watered and Edinson managed to get hold of some ice lollies.

We spent sometime taking with our new friends before the rain came down, heavier than yesterday and lasted from about 14:30 until 19:30. That put paid to the sunshine and the sun bathing so we swapped the sun lounger for the bar before heading off to our room to get ready for it Thai meal.

Now sat in bed watching Jaws II