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My family, this includes my wife, four children & immediate relatives.

Chicago 2018 – Day Nine

We woke early enough as the daylight crept through the curtains to the most wonderful view of the waterfalls of Niagara

Once showered & dressed which was easier than 1st expected we headed out for breakfast, coffee & bagels with cream cheese.

We woke moved the car from the hotel parking to the casino parking lot opposite the hotel to save on the $60/night parking charge. The casino has a strange parking set up that you pay on exit no matter how many days you park for you only pay the exit charge for that day today would be $20 while Monday would be only $5.

Off down to the falls & closer up they are impressive. We booked a trip on the Hornblower ferry boat that would take us right up to the falls. queing was not too long & boarding soon took place with us all smartly dressed with our plastic red poncho’s & off we went. What a great experience it was being at the foot of the falls.

We then walked along the river towards the Horseshoe falls & had lunch and a beer and another glass of Chardonay for Julie.

More walking & we headed off towards the main striped in Niagara which sadly made Blackpool in the UK look smart. Very tacky indeed & a shame it’s allowed to be built up that way 🙁

Back at the hotel Mrs C nearly got electrocuted by a faulty switch on a bed side lamp that started to smoke. A quick call to housekeeping  & it was all fixed.

Elle is dozing while Julie, Mrs C & I are watching the light face over the falls, still impressive.

As we have exhausted Niagara & agree that two days is too much we are heading off to Toronto about 60 miles away to see what is there.

Chicago 2018 – Day Eight

Today was the day we drove from Lisle to Niagara.

We set off at 09:15 from Julie’s with Julie & Elle in tow for the 8.5hr & 550 mile drive heading West towards Canada.

We stopped at a little town called Charlotte in Michigan for lunch but the girls were not happy with what was brought out for them. Fried chicken in wraps with what looked like the scrapping off the bottom of the trying pan as garnish! My turkey sandwich was OK. 45 minutes & we were back on the road.

Back on the road and still heading west through Michigan towards Canada. We finally reached the border & were stuck in a queue for 45 minutes surrounded by waggons all waiting to pay $3 toll to cross the bridge. Once over the bridge the border crossing was easy with a quick glance at the passports we were on our way again.

The Canadian roads appeared a lot straighter that the ones on the US side.

I had about 45/60 minutes driving in the dark through rush-hour traffic & in to the city of Niagara which was the only tiring part of the journey!

Upon arrival we drove straight to the Hilton Hotel & got the vallet to park the car. Check-in was easy & within 15 minutes we were in our room on the 48th floor with stunning views over the Canadian Horseshoe falls as well as the smaller American Falls.

Godling over we headed out for something to eat & called into an Italian dinner & a long awaited beer for me & a Chardonay for Julie.

After our evening meal Michele & Elle went off to bed while Julie & I sat in the hotel bar for a couple of drinks. The people in the bar were an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life & all styles of dress code. One Canadian pushed in between Julie & I while we sat talking at the bar & asked if we were dating! Julie’s answer was that she was from Chicago while I was in teh UK & he asked if it easy being that far apart? Again Julie replied that we were cousins!!

Back to the room at 00:40 & for some shut eye.

Chicago 2018 – Day Seven

A very warm day today at 30 degrees but very pleasant indeed.

We had a late start to the day & even managed a Skype call with mum & dad while I was sat on the decking at the rear eating breakfast & watching the wildlife. It was a shame that dad couldn’t see the Red Cardinals or the woodpecker. More a problem with the camera rather than dad’s eyes!

We drove over to Geneva today about 30 minutes drive away. We walked from one end of town to the other down the main Street, not what we expected. So we headed off down a side street & that we the better choice. We finally got to see Geneva in its full historic glory.

We walked past the historic Geneva Court House & found a nice restaurant where we sat for an hour in the sun drinking pink lemonade watching the world go bye. $3 for 2 glasses of pink lemonade that was refilled. Cheap as chips! Following this we took a stroll down the river (Fox River) and saw birds similar to cormorant and another that looked like a heron.

From Geneva we drove over to Aurora and then on to the Premium Outlets  Shopping Centre for some more detail therapy for Mrs C. This was a sucesssful trip for both of us with new shoes & clothes.

Now sat chilling with Elle, Julie & Mrs C planning tomorrow’s drive to Canada,