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Long Time NO blog, but I’ve been to Maastricht!

Well we’ve just come out of busy period for the Cleary household hence the reason for a lack of posts. But I suppose you’ll forgive me for being busy?

The first thing to report is that we’ve had a week away from work following on from the Easter break which was enjoyable even though it was busy.

The Easter break started off with my Dad, brother and I having a long awaited afternoon out visiting some of the pubs of my home town of Altrincham. We called in the ‘Old Market Tavern’ as our first stop and had a couple of beers. The pub was not busy but there was a small gathering which gave the place an atmosphere. Our second pub was the ‘Orange Tree’ and was not busy at all! In fact we were the only ones in there for a while apart from the landlady. The bar had by the looks of things had an extensive refurbishment that had smartened the pub up no end. Again we had a couple of beers here while dad mixed the round up with a coffee. Our third and final pub was the ‘Malt Shovels’ and it looked like it had not changed at all in the 25+ years since my last visit. It was the most busy of the pubs we jaunted into on the Good Friday afternoon, however the beer was not at its best and after one pint went back to the bar we forced the other one down before having a whiskey and then heading home to some fine home cooked food at mum’s.

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First day back at work after Easter :-(

Today was my first day back at work after the extended Easter break & it was a long day on my feet 🙁

I’ve been to Rotherham today to measure the ground floor of an office building built in 2000. Easy enough apart from the curved link section that was the main reception. I’ll be spending the day tomorrow converting my site notes into an existing floor plan then using this to undertake a space utilisation exercise for the client.

The drive took 1.75 hours each way, the SATNAV took me off the M62 at Huddersfield J24 then over the top to the M1, however coming back it took me all the way up the M1 to join the M62 bizarre but that is the beauty of Tom-Tom IQ routes 🙂

Typical WET Bank Holiday Monday

Well today was a waste of time with the weather, WET & COLD!

Typical Bank Holiday Monday!!

At least we’ve got the rest of the week off work with the kids 🙂

Spent time updating the website this afternoon & added a couple of our favourite recipes.

We then relaxed watching The Green Mile with Lewis while Joshua was out at the pictures with a mate. Forgot how good the film was as well as how long, nearly 3 hours in length.

“The name is John Coffey, like the drink but not spelt the same”.

Great line from the film.