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Were have I been?

Missing is not the word!

I’ve been too lazy to post that’s been the problem, will I change? I hope so.

Home and family – the kids and grandchildren are all growing fast.

Work – busier than ever but still enjoying it.

More to follow our the coming weeks.

Good night all, sleep tight.

Woo hoo My Blog is back

Well after a torrid couple of months where my blog has been under attack from the naughty people on the web, then followed by a malfunction with my images we are finally live again on the world wide web.

I’d had help to rectify this from the techie’s at Zen my web hosts as well as a very patient and helpful lady at the Jetpack support team. In the end the image problem on my blog were being caused by a single line of code in my htaccess file. Once stripped out my blog was live again.

I would always suggest that you perceiver with the techie’s to try and resolve your issues, it’s well worth it.

So now back to blogging which will start in earnest over the coming days.

if you fancy a go at creating your own blog have a read of these books as they’ll help you understand how to use WordPress.