This week was a testing time being a CAD Manager & could  easily be described as a CADmare week at work.

We have finally been allowed to move our users over to the ARCADIS CAD servers. I was the 1st to go over as a test & a couple of issues were identified, these were corrected by our wonderful IT team & the green light was given to move a select few over as a trial run.

After the first group got moved some further issues were identified & again these were cured by the IT team.

We then went for the full move & 2 phases were created, it was then that the CADmare really got a grip. Some users migrated successfully while others didn’t. This on its own wasn’t the problem, however the CADmare problem was that our own licence server was time limited & due to expire on the Friday. A discussion was had with our customer services manager at Autodesk & he offered to get a new licence file sent over with an extension added.

All day friday myself & our IT team worked through the CADmare issues with out a 100% resolution to these issues, so Monday & Tuesday next week will be more of the same.

I also received some very sad news this week in that an ex colleague who retired about 6 years sadly passed away last Sunday. He always had time for everyone in the office, always smiled & was a pleasure to have known for the past 15 years, Rest in Peace Mike you were a star.

Only family issues this week were that the youngest lost his iphone at school which was never handed in. We discussed with our insurance company who advised that it was insured, however there was a £200 excess on the policy! You can imagine the youngest ones face 🙁

The new car is great to drive, it seems to be nippy when required yet economical with the diesel I’ve managed to get 52 miles per gallon this week out of her 🙂

Last games of the season today & Fergie was still breaking records with United even on his last game in charge as West Brom & United played out a 5-5 draw the 1st ever in the Premier League.

Bradley Wiggins had to pull out of the Giro de Italia this week part way through week 2 due to a chest infection. This does not bode well for Le Tour that starts in about 6 weeks,

So here’s to a better week at work this coming week & a hope that the CADmare will be over.

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