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Chicago 2018 – Day Twelve

After 2 long days at the wheel of the car in the last 4 we had a last start to the day.

We had had a call with mum & dad, they both seemed well & chatty before we headed out mid-morning to Morton Aboretum for a walk through the grounds. We elected to walk the perimeter of the the East side of the Aboretum which was about a 4 mile walk. The weather was sunny & a warm breeze swept across the meadows. The only downside was the midges were hiring Mrs C at will. The Aboretum staff had also set up a trail to find trolls but we only managed to find two of them. (photo’s to follow when we get home & I can download from the camera). We had a refreshing Lucy at the arboretum care.

In the afternoon we managed a call with my daughter Sam who was keeping me posted on the United game which ended in defeat to Derby in a penalty shootout out. Then we also managed to catch up with Darwen & Tracy too just before their bedtime.

Mrs C had promised Julie that she would cook our kids favourite for tea tonight which is Chicken & crisp bake. So while Mrs C was busy in the kitchen I was busy in the rear garden tidying up for Julie & still gigging out the old & not required compost patches.

Just as Julie arrived home from work the weather turned with a sudden downpour, the skies turned dark then the lightening & thunder.

Now tucked up watching TV with a beer while Julie had a glass of Fanta.

Chicago 2018 – Day Eleven

Today is the day we leave Niagara & head back to Lisle.

After the three night stop over in Niagara we are heading back across Canada & the States to Chicagoland.

Thankfully the weather was overcast and cool for the projected 8.5hr 450 mile road trip. A quick fill up for gas at the gas station and then we were off.

We tried several times to look for a Subway enroute but more often than not failed to find one, then we spotted a sign & off we went, after several miles of driving through a town we were about to give up when Elle had a brainwave and suggested that Subway were always hear a McDonald’s & true to form there they were. Provisions gathered for breakfast & lunch & we were off again.

Now for the dreaded wait at the immigration point to get back into the US. Again another 45 minutes wait. this time we paid $3.25 as opposed to the $3 on the way out. Stopped to have our passports checked by a very nice immigration officer who asked me what happened with my ESTA renewal? Not that he didn’t already know the answer but I obliged & let him know my wife had made an error & he skilled and said the young lady sat next to me? After what I thought would of been a problem turned out to be OK & we were soon on our way again but this time on US soil.

At some point on the drive all three of my female companions were all asleep or dozing & I was alone to my own thoughts.

Another stop for more gas at a dodgey gas station where I had to go in & pay for the gas. Mrs C needs to check the credit card as I did not get good vibes from the attendant.

As we got closer to Chicago we got the rush hour traffic & to add to the fun we had some rain too. Then we were back at Julie’s. While the titled unpacked and started on the laundry Elle headed off to see Shiloh the horse & I went I search of a pizza store. A couple of Stella Artois for me & Fanta for Julie & we were all ready for bed. Elle 1st followed shortly after by Julie then myself while Mrs C finished watching the Good Dr on TV. I’m sure as soon as my head but the pillow I was out.

Chicago 2018 – Day Ten

Another glorious day looking over the American & Canadian falls at Niagara but today we were heading out of town towards Toronto.

A 90 minute drive had us in the heart of Toronto & busy looking for a car park. A couple of driving errors had the passengers slightly concerned, with the biggest error making a left turn in to on-coming traffic! But a readjustment & we were back on the right side of the road.

Finally parked up not too far from the CN Tower & now time to explore, but not before breakfast/lunch. Again a disappointing meal.

Toronto has the feel of Chicago and was busy for a Sunday morning. It was reasonably clean but there appeared to have a number of homeless people sleeping/begging on the sidewalk.

It didn’t take long for Mrs C to find a shopping mall & had Elle, Julie & I following like lambs to the slaughter! Soon we were being led to the Apple store & had to go through a complicated & unnecessary queuing system just to buy the new Apple watch & iPhone. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting we were escorted back in to the store to seal the deal. Just before payment the assistant asked who our data carrier was & as soon as they relaised it was a UK company they advised the watch would only work independently in Canada, US or Puerto Rico! If we needed it to work in the UK we’d have to buy it there! So Mrs C only bought the iPhone.

After a little bit more exploring we headed for the car & tried to park at the waterfront but all parking was to be paid for in cash which we didn’t have so we headed back to Niagara.

Tonight’s meal was the best meal so far in Niagara. Julie had roast chicken, mash & vegetables. Mrs C & Elle had mushroom linguini & I had a pork chop with mash. I had a barking squirrel beer & Julie had a Fanta.

Now back at the hotel, bags packed for the drive home to Chicago tomorrow. Mrs C playing wither her new iPhone, Elle & Julie working on Elle’s assignment & I’m typing my blog while watching the Patriots v the Lions.