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0 to 19 in 19 years

This week we’ve been celebrating Lewis’s 19th birthday. He was off work all week so Michele decided that we needed to be off work too to help celebrate reaching the grand old age of 19. It’s not every day we get to see Lewis as you’ll all know he’s a trainee chef at The Radisson Blu hotel in Manchester and he works long hours. But when he’s not working he’s sleeping! except recently he’s been spending some time in Bradford with his new girlfriend Dee (Danielle).

Below are a couple of photo’s showing how Lewis has grown in the past 19 years, from being a small 6lb 5oz little nipper to the strapping 6′ 2 ½” (still growing) man.

So on Lewis’s birthday we (Michele, Lewis, Dee and myself) had a day out to Liverpool. The girls had a spell of shopping, Lewis joined in too. Then we all had a four course taster menu at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant just by Liverpool One. Not a bad choice as we had cured meats, cheeses, salads, olives and focachia bread for starters, followed by mushroom risotto, spaghetti then a final dish of chicken with tomatoes and new potatoes. All this for the four of us including drinks for the most reasonable price of £75. We certainly will be returning. In the evening Warren, Dawn and Adam came up to ours to help celebrate. Lewis also got birthday wishes from other family members who had promised to call up over the weekend as they were hampered with school and work commitments.  But i suppose that when you reach the grand old age of 19 you have to accept that not everyone can come and see you on your birthday.

Lewis’s birthday celebrations extended themselves to the Thursday as he called over to Timperley to see his sister Sam along with his brother-in-law to be Matt and his nephew Harry. Lewis also popped in to see his Nan and Granddad. Then he was meeting his elder brother Drew after his shift at The Radisson Blu for a drink or two!

It was 08:15 that his celebrations came to an end with his elder brother Drew as that’s when they both came home, stinking of ale and looking tired! Didn’t take long for the pair of them to crash out and sleep the alcohol off.

Saturday was valentines day and Lewis had promised to take Dee out for a meal in Manchester at The Livingroom. Wow the pair of them looked really smart (look at the above photo – just wished he’d smile more!) I cooked Michele one of her favourite meals mushroom risotto with panchetta and we snuggled down to watch The Butler a film about a black man who worked for several American Presidential administrations. Good film that had a number of big stars in it, including a main role played by Forest Whitaker.

Today sunday, Lewis and Dee woke Michele up at 06:25 as they both came in from being out all night! So we (Michele and I) didn’t get a lie-in as we had guests this afternoon coming for tea to wish Lewis happy 19th Birthday. My mum and Dad along with Aunty Jilla. Michele had prepared one of her signature dishes Spanish meatballs, nothing left in the bowl at the end of the meal so it obviously went down well. Following late lunch/early tea my brother Rob, Sarah, William and Max came up too.

We have had a great couple of days this week helping Lewis celebrate is 19th birthday, now ready for work but just three days in as we’ve got Thursday and Friday off for half-term with Joshua.

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